Saturday, January 3, 2015

Craft Room Makeover

Strictly speaking it's more of a craft area makeover than a craft room makeover as my crafting takes place in my dining room.

My craft area was not real bad to start with but I was starting to get a bit frustrated at not being able to find things so I set to and found some DVD inserts online and the ones I couldn't find I made myself (this part took a bit of time). Then I decided on the containers I needed to buy (I wanted all my emboss powders to be in the same sized containers).Next I set up my labelling machine.

I pulled out everything then stored and labelled the containers.

this is my "before"..
 And here is the "after".

Yay. now i can find things again and it is a pleasure to work in my "craftroom" again.

Next job...the garage. Hmm that could take till February!


  1. Wow Heather that looks great! Is that seriously your entire stash though? There is no way I could fit all my stuff on one bookcase!

  2. he he he. It is my "working inventory". I do have retired stock in my garage.