Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Altered Gift Box tutorial

 As promised. I am going to tell you how I achieved this result from the Stampin' Up! Gift Box Punch Board.

The Gift Box Punch Board (pg 14 of new Occasions Mini) is really cool for making various sized gift boxes really quickly. The really cool thing about it is that the reverse punch (behind the main punch part top left) not only rounds the corners but it also cuts a little notch so that when the two ends meet, they intertwine and create a self-closure. (a bit like a yin/yang ).

The punch board makes a lot of different sized boxes but they all have asquare base. I have been waiting for some clever cookie to come up with a new way of using the board because, let's face it) that's what we have come to expect!!:) Well I didn't have to wait long before I found someone (Tanya Bell) who had managed to make boxes with rectangular bases BUT I wanted to keep the cool notched self-closure that this punch board does so well. So...

I decided to experiment to see if I could be that clever cookie. I spent a heck of a lot of time, I admit, but I am chuffed with my results.

Imade a few different sized boxes (other than the ones listed on the board) some with the square base and some with a rectangular base.
This lil' fella is 1 square inch base and about 2 and a half inches tall. Cute.

Anyway on with the instructions for the box that fits the little box of 3 chocolates byGuylian
 Start with a piece of cardstock 8" x 8" (apologies if you don't work in inches).
1. Line it up on the SU Gift punch board at the S (small) start line and score horizontally only.
2. Slide it down to halfway bewteen the XL and L start lines and score horizontally only.
3. Move it slightly to the XL line and score vertically only.
4. Turn the card 180 degrees (to the opposite side) and repeat steps 1-3
 Turn the card 90 degress clockwise
5.Line it up halfway between the L and XL start lines and score horizontally only.
6.Turn the card 180 degrees (to the opposite side) and repeat step 5
 Turn the card 90 degrees clockwise.
7. Line it up with the XL line and score vertically only.
8.Turn it 180 degrees and repeat step 7

That's all the scoring done

Now with the centre scored rectangle portrait orientation, cut off the side triangles to the score line. and then reverse punch the pointy ends to get the closure notch. It will look like this.

Now cut along the scorelines either side of the notched point up the second score line at each end.
Then cut out the top, side triangles each end so that it looks like this.

Fold all score lines and fold up to make the box. No need for glue.It might sound a bit complicated but once you've done it, its not really that difficult:)
I  found a website where Brenda recommends csnipping off the tiny point where the notch tends to stick sometimes to make the closure easier. For clarification, click here to view her idea. I found this works really well.

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