Friday, June 26, 2009

Quick catch up

Hi everyone and a special "hi" to all my new "viewers".
DUNKLEYS craft show was a real buzz. I really enjoyed talking and crafting with new and seasoned paper crafters. It was such a joy working with my Stampin' Up! colleagues; Jacque, Yvonne, Rachael and Patrice. Thank you all for your support and company over this weekend :)

I am starting to catch up and ring/email those of you who wanted to be contacted with more information so sorry for the delay but it will happen!

This time has been a bit whirlwind and surreal as I was asked on the Friday night (19th) to go on TV One's "Close Up" on Monday (22nd) so I had to whisk off from Dunkleys on Saturday to go and have "treatment" (which I had sketchy details of) on my burn scars on my face. Then I went into the plastic surgeon's rooms on Monday for the follow up. Certainly the revolutionary treatment (based on an ancient Chinese method) showed promise and I have decided to continue with the the treatments sometime soon (when I have the time and money).

I have lots of photos, upcoming classes and things to tell you all so WATCH THIS SPACE as they say. Hope to update Monday.