Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Twin Boys

He he he. Have you been wondering what I have been up to lately and why I haven't blogged for a while?

Well I have had a few things on the go but , as some of you will know, I lost darling Florence ( my rescue Persian cat which I had for about 12 years of her life) to kidney disease 4 months ago.

I have been bereft without a cat in my life and since then a lot of my emotional energy has been spent on researching and finding another cat to fill the void.

I am now please to announce that I am picking up my two new Birman boys next Saturday.
I have named the Seal Point boy, Sherwood (after Sherwood Forest which is near where I was born) and the Chocolate Point boy, Lincoln (Robin Hood, of Sherwod Forest wore "lincoln" green).

Aren't they gorgeous? I will probably bore everyone silly with upcoming pics and antics..