Friday, June 28, 2013

More MDS

MDS is so much more than just a programme to make flat 2D cards and scrapbook pages. (As you will have seen in my last post). I am beginning to use it more and more and growing to love it, especially as a design tool. It saves time and resources to mock up your design on computer before making it into a finished product.

Having said that, I wanted a Teenage boy birthday card that showed a boy wearing gaming headphones. That's what I love about SU, you can have whatever you want with a little imagination and time. This particular boy was given some bright green gaming headphones for his birthday and I wanted the card to match them.

I trawled the net for ideas but obviously this was pretty specific but what I did come up with was the idea of using MDS to design a card with digital "punch art".

I printed this card flat but I equally could have used the idea to make a 3D punch art card or a Hybrid where you print the card and then build it up from there.

This is the card. I love how we can get almost any colour in this programme:)

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  1. Oh Heather he is awesome. What a great idea. MDS is so much fun. TFS