Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Something a bit different

A few weeks ago I was working in my sister's shop in Birkenhead when a very nice woman came in wearing the most stunningly beautiful scarf . I asked her where she had got it and she said she had made it. I asked if she would make me one. She said she could show me how to make one. I had the same reaction I had when I first started admiring Stampin' Up cards, "it's gorgeous but I wouldn't be able to make it". Of course as far as card making goes, it turns out I could make them so I quizzed her about the wool and whre I could get it, I took her phone number and went about tending the shop. After work, I went shopping for something competely different but came across some wool that looked like it might have been something like that I had seen the scarf made from so I bought some. I came home, dug out some knitting needles (many , many year since I last knitted) and then Googled "spiralled scarf" on the internet. I found a youtube that taught me how to do it and went ahead and made one.
This is the result

(Can you tell I am holding my phone in front of me to take this self-portrait?)


  1. you really are a clever puss - awesome card maker & now - awesome knitter :)

  2. And a beautiful self portrait it is too, Heather!
    PS: Love the scarf ♥