Monday, August 9, 2010

Sponging technique

Here are a couple of cards I made recently using the sponging technique taught by Paula Dobson.
Marie and Christine you will recognise these.
This one was inspired by Judy Beetson who made a similar styled card which was framed with a Top Note.


  1. Gorgeous Heather! You have this technique nailed, my friend. Love both of these cards and might CASE them, if you don't mind :-)

  2. That is lovely coming from you, Paula. I would be flatterd it you CASEd them:)

  3. I agree with Paula, Heather - both most CASE-worthy! Hey, the first SU swap I ever made was a CASE of yours, why stop there? :-) Gorgeous, Heather. I especially love the first one.

  4. Ge thanks Bron. Nice to have an admirer (of my work) :)