Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spotlight on VERSAMARK

. Stamp it on your project, cover with embossing powder (comes in black, white, clear, gold and silver) and heat to create that raised, glossy embossed look.

. Use the clear powder after stamping versamark over a pre stamped image (line up with a "stamp-a-ma-jig") and the pre stamped image colour will come through.

. Use it as a stamp pad to make watermark-like patterns - great for backgrounds on scrapbook pages (acid free).

. I haven't actually tried this myself ( I guess I should), but I have it on good authority that you can use it to with embossing powder to creat images on glass (and therefore other non-porous surfaces too, I guess). Leave a comment to tell me if you tried this.

. Stamp an image and then use a "dauber" to sponge "poppin' Pastels" over the image. The image will pop out like magic. If you want you can erase any unwanted chalk with the eraser that comes with the pastels.

Leave a comment, if you found this helpful.


  1. You can actually ink up with versamark and regular ink before stamping the image - and proceed to use clear embossing powder. Eliminates the need for a stamp-a-ma-jig!

  2. True Susan. It's just that some people (like me:) ) might not like to leave Versamark on their ink pad. Probably makes no difference but you know me. he he.